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10 Characteristics of Gases

The gases

It is a state of matter that is molded into the shape of a container in which it is found.

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It adopts a density similar to that of the container, even if there is gravity.

If the gaseous substance, also called vapor, is not in a container, it will spread out into space.

The word gas is attributed to the state or situation presented by the matter that possesses this state.

The atoms of matter in the gaseous state are individually shaking each other, in most cases, they are packed much more independently than most of the atoms in their solid or liquid state.

Gas characteristics

  1. Oxygen is kept at a room temperature of approximately 20 ° C or 68 ° F.
  2. The hydrogen temperature is ambient and the water has an atmospheric pressure with a temperature greater than 100 °.
  3. When a substance in the gaseous phase is heated , the atoms and particles reach kinetic energy and are agitated rapidly.
  4. When it happens that a substance of gaseous matter is cooled, the atoms or particles release kinetic energy and are slowly agitated.
  5. If the temperature becomes high, a variety of gases, such as hydrogen, will quickly adjust to other gases such as chlorine or oxygen.
  6. Gases do not have a definite volume or shape.
  7. The common paths of the atoms are appropriately large so that the interactions between the atoms are independent of their inclination.
  8. Gases contract and diffuse in predictable amounts due to changes in temperature and pressure.
  9. The pressure of a gas is transformed due to the increase of a gas confined to the volume of the container in which it is found, as well as the appropriate pressure and temperature.
  10. The volume of a gas is similar to the volume of a container.

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