10 Characteristics of RAM


Its acronym in English stands for Random Access Memory.

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It is a random access memory that allows specific data to be stored for short times, which generates a fast execution when transferring information.

This information transfer is carried out in order to speed up the procedure between the hard disk , which is a component in charge of storing data, and the processor, which is the unit in charge of processing said information.

RAM memory features

  1. Information acquisition times are very short times.
  2. They do not store information.
  3. It is considered of vital importance within the computer.
  4. It processes the information that is of importance to the hard disk.
  5. It is called random access.
  6. It works based on the voltage path ; when losing it the information is lost.
  7. They use a bus number that must match both the processor and the motherboard.
  8. It is used in electronic devices.
  9. It is responsible for supporting both the operating system and the processes that are carried out on the computer or device.
  10. It must be distinguished from ROM . The RAM loses information when it loses power, with the ROM the same does not happen despite fulfilling similar functions between them.

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