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10 Characteristics of the Environment


It is everything that we are surrounded by . When the environment undergoes a modification, the living beings that act in it necessarily have to adapt to the change.

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In the same way, it includes natural and artificial elements , in short, biodiversity.

It plays an important role in prolonging human life on the planet.

However, the action of man on the environment in recent decades, originates radical changes in the ecosystem, resulting in the reduction of habitat to the point of disappearance; causing the unfortunate extinction of numerous species.

Characteristics of the Environment

  1. Ecology: is responsible for studying the environment and what man generates on it.
  2. Living organisms: they play an important role, because they act directly on direct management in the variations or maintenance of environmental methods, here living entities are included such as: viruses, amphibians, bacteria, among others.
  3. Climate: covers everything that refers to natural aspects such as waves, rain, wind, waves. In this aspect, the influence of the moon on the environment is also recognized.
  4. Geography or geology: they closely study terrestrial movements, specifically their phenomena such as tremors, earthquakes and tsunamis, because these have a lot of importance on the variations of the environment
  5. Deforestation: include fires, pests and droughts, which directly influence forests and in turn, the soil.
  6. Pollution: it  is considered as an artificial factor, produced consciously or unconsciously by the human population, in the same way it also originates from natural phenomena.
  7. Over afforestation: it is a phenomenon that consists of the accelerated increase of certain habitats, a more notorious example is overpopulation.
  8. Air: both factors that are included in the air are part of the environment of certain organisms, such as viruses and bacteria, these can be harmful to humans.
  9. Abiotic factors: it  is a composition of the environment made up of living beings such as animals.
  10. Biotic factors: they  are the elements devoid of life such as wind, humidity, temperature or light.

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