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10 characteristics of the Sun


Known as the “king star”, it is located in the center of the solar system where planet earth is located.

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Its main job is to provide light, heat and energy to living things .

It is characterized by being the main engine of life on the planet and the generator of various climates on other planets.

Scientists say that half of its hydrogen located in the nucleus has been used up and that it will continue its work for another 5.5 billion years.

After this, it will perform a super expansion until it becomes a huge red star, taking with it all the planets including planet earth.

The sun has a great gravitational force , which is responsible for the movements and conformation of our solar system, directly influencing the planets, moons and planetoids.

Sun characteristics

  1. It has a spherical shape because it is flattened at the poles.
  2. It is yellow in color due to the high heating of the gases found in its depth.
  3. The density of the sun is calculated to be 1411kg / m.
  4. The luminosity generated by the sun is 3.827x10W
  5. The radius of the sun is approximately 696,256 km.
  6. Possesses most of the 60 Earth elements.
  7. The photosphere is the visible surface of the sun, sunlight comes mainly from it.
  8. The connective zone is located below the surface of the sun, it is called as the upper layer of the solar interior. Here the movement of gases and hot plasma bubbles that move upwards takes place, due to this the energy is transferred towards the surface
  9. The radiant or radioactive zone is the one that surrounds the nucleus and covers 45 percent of its radius.
  10. The transition zone is situated between the connective zone and the radiant zone. It results from the differential rotation of the sun.

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