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10 Characteristics of water pollution

Water contamination

To speak of water pollution is to speak of the alteration of its components , making it toxic for both human beings and living beings .

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The human being over the years, has generated toxic and chemical waste, which over time has been increasing.

The use of streams, rivers, streams, lakes, among others, as a waste dump has been constant throughout the world, both in developed and developing countries.

When water is contaminated, either to a lesser or greater degree, it can generate in those who consume it, from poisoning to death.

Contaminated water not only affects those who consume it, it also affects the environment and other means.

Characteristics of water pollution

  1. Colour

The color of the contaminated water will depend on the chemical or waste that is in it. It is generally cloudy and its colors can be various.

  1. Conductivity

Generally, pure and uncontaminated water has a very low conductivity. Conductivity increases as ion concentration increases.

  1. Foam

Detergent foams and adds a chemical called water. This reduces the purifying power of rivers and interferes in the flocculation and sedimentation process.

  1. Suspended materials

There are particles that, although they are not completely dissolved, are carried by water in stable or unstable suspension.

  1. Smell and taste

These characteristics are always present in contaminated water. Chlorine, hydrocarbons , decomposing materials, among others, are the cause of alterations in the smell and taste of the water, being in some cases unpleasant and very toxic when ingested.

  1. Temperature

The increase in temperature in the water decreases the soluble process in it and increases both the speed of the metabolic reaction and the putrefaction process.

  1. Radioactivity

Some activities carried out by man can increase the level of radioactivity in the waters and contaminate them with radioactive isotopes.

  1. The advance and progressive continuity of this type of contamination has generated a deterioration in many of the water storage and distribution systems, both natural and artificial, on the planet.
  2. Inorganic materials and chemical compounds or wastes are the main agents that cause water pollution.
  3. Consuming contaminated water can cause serious damage and health problems .

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