10 Characteristics of wind energy

Wind power

Wind energy is a type of renewable energy , not degradable or polluting, obtained from air currents that flow over the surface of the earth.

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This type of energy is collected through wind turbines that take advantage of the energy of the wind, converting it in turn into useful energy and providing electricity.

The power exerted by the wind is extracted through blades that exert a force on the rotor and this same power transferred depends greatly on both the size of the rotor and the speed of the wind.

Characteristics of wind energy

  1. It depends on a wind turbine to function.
  2. Transform energy without generating pollution .
  3. It can produce energy in proportionate quantities, from a wind field.
  4. It is one of the main sources of renewable energy in the world.
  5. It comes from a natural source.
  6. Its resource is inexhaustible and unlimited.
  7. It can be extracted by mills or wind turbines.
  8. Wind turbines use 3 large blades, which are moved by the speed of the wind.
  9. Large resources are needed to run and apply this type of energy .
  10. It helps to bring electricity to the most remote areas in the world.

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