10 CRM Examples

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, or in Spanish , Customer Relationship Management, is a software that gathers all the possible information related to the customers of a particular business. It is a database that provides detailed knowledge of these people to speed up the implementation of market strategies, mainly.

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The main objective of these programs is to get to know consumers in order to develop tactics that help improve their loyalty, in addition to attracting new customers.

Stock management is an essential part of this type of software. Not only can you control everything related to customers, but also companies as such. From controlling inventory to generating sales reports.

Companies that use a CRM have tools that facilitate the tasks they must perform to satisfy their customers and therefore achieve goals and achieve good income, popularity and whatever else is the objective.

CRM examples

  1. AllProWebTool: It is an inexpensive CRM compared to the others and you can learn to use it quickly with its video tutorials, although it is also one of the easiest to use. With AllProWebTool potential customers are closely monitored to conclude agreements, sales or deals. One of its disadvantages is that it integrates very little with other tools.
  2. Base: Ideal for managing daily tasks with the possibility of adapting its tools to what the company or entrepreneur needs. Base allows you to make calls and keep a record of them.
  3. Microsoft Dynamics: This CRM is very up-to-date around the trend towards social. Sharing information from this platform is easier and faster. Monitor and manage sales, marketing and customer information processes reliably and under very powerful schemes. One of the cons is that you need to know about programming to be able to use most of the options.
  4. Netsuite: It is one of the most complete when it comes to providing important customer information, for this it applies the on-demand format. All those involved with sales or other processes related to customers will be able to see the data collected, in this way they will have a faster response when carrying out their tasks, such as pending orders.
  5. Salesforce : This CRM is one of the most expensive. It incorporates its own social network called Chatter. With this tool it is possible to engage the work team so that they carry out their tasks in a coordinated way. One of its main characteristics is that the reports can be personalized.
  6. Salesnet: It is one of the most customizable. With it, customer data can be shared with any user of the program linked to the company. It is possible to adapt the services of Call Centers and ERP, although it does not contain Social CRM tools.
  7. Sugar: Under a very intuitive interface, this is one of the most complete and professional client management programs, managing to gather tools (some online) for marketing, sales, monitoring and more. Integra SUMA CRM, a tool to manage content.
  8. Hubspot: It is free and very simple. Although it is perhaps one of the less complete options, it turns out to be a great help for beginners. The brand has created this free version to give potential subscribers of the paid version a try.
  9. Zoho:  Offers a free plan for up to 10 users. It is easy to use and offers fast integration. It is one of the best free options out there; it is very similar to Salesforce.
  10. PipeDrive: It is a CRM with an online version in Spanish, which makes it even easier to use. It has tools to create forms and insert them on the web, as well as a follow-up of the actions that can be reflected in reports.

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