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10 Energy Examples


It is about the capacity of matter that it has to generate work, light, heat , among others.

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It can be measured by the ability you have to create transformation or change.

Energy can be distinguished in different ways and depending on the process. In this space we will show you with examples the types of energy.

Energy example

  1. Solar energy : it is transmitted through the sun’s rays and electromagnetic radiation.
  2. Nuclear energy : it is the type of energy that holds together the particles of the nucleus that make up each atom. This generates heat and radiant energy.
  3. Electrical energy : it is generated through electrical conductors by the flow of electrons.
  4. Chemical energy : it is the one that originates through chemical reactions.
  5. Heat energy: it is produced through the emission of heat.
  6. Hydraulic energy: it is that which is generated by strong river currents or waterfalls.
  7. Wind energy: it  is produced through the force of the wind.
  8. Radiant energy: it is produced by electromagnetic waves.
  9. Thermal energy: it is generated by the combustion process of hydrocarbons.
  10. Mechanical energy: produced through mechanical devices.

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