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10 examples of air or atmospheric pollution

Pollution atmospheric or contamination of the air is generated following agents toxic that are expelled to the environment without control, affecting the ecosystem.

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Although we know that everything in nature is a cycle, we must remember that as the air is polluted, the water is polluted and with it everything that carries in its path, from animals to those produced and sown on the earth, thereby causing , an imbalance in the world, bringing diseases, viruses and all kinds of components that endanger the life of every living being on earth.

Man, over the years, has contributed greatly to polluting the environment. From the Industrial evolution to this day, the amount of emitted greenhouse gases alone has been growing every day risking more life on the planet.

Examples of air or atmospheric pollution

  • Cattle crowded together in large masses emit high amounts of methane gas, which generates high air pollution.
  • Untreated garbage , located in open dumps, can also pollute the air, as they emit highly toxic and harmful odors for health.
  • Industries, through their uncontrolled chemical processes, emit high amounts of toxic agents daily.
  • Power plants that work with coal or petroleum products pollute the atmosphere to a high degree.
  • Forest fires, through a chemical process, transform oxygen into carbon dioxide and expel it into the air. Forests play a vital role in the cycle of life, they absorb carbon dioxide from the environment. When burned, they release the absorbed dioxide and return it to the atmosphere.
  • Some pesticides are harmful and when they are irrigated in the fields, they affect and are causes of diseases, mostly pulmonary.
  • The smoke generated by tobacco consumption is also an air pollutant. This smoke has been scientifically proven to be even more harmful to a non-smoker than to the person who uses it.
  • Most of the land and air vehicles use fossil fuel to be able to move around, which generates a high emission of toxic gases released into the atmosphere.
  • The chlorofluorocarbon or CFC are degrading chemicals ozone and harmful effects to the atmosphere endure over time. After studying its effects, they stopped being used in aerosols, refrigerants and insulators.
  • The chimneys of the industries, through their production and manufacture, emit gases with a high content of methane, metals, dioxide among others, which are considered highly harmful.

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