10 examples of computer antivirus

Computer antivirus programs are programs or software made and designed with the aim of protecting a computerized equipment, from desktop computers to smartphones. Just as humans must protect ourselves against diseases and viruses , computers too, since computer viruses are capable of destroying an entire computer. They can erase the information on the device, alter it, modify it or block it.

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Viruses or malicious software ( malware ) appeared in the early 1980s, altering many computers and damaging their operating systems . So they were forced to create the antivirus, which would be the antibodies of the computers. Over the years these antiviruses have been created and improved more and more.

These computer antibodies have the main purpose of evaluating the entire operating system and detecting any foreign element or atypical configuration of the system, eliminating it and thus protecting the computer.

According to the damage your computer has or may have, there are three (03) types of antivirus:

    • The preventers , which are the team’s shield  and surveillance system. Its purpose is to anticipate a virus that tries to enter the machine and thus prevents its attacks on the operating system.
    • Identifiers , as their name indicates, are responsible for identifying viruses that may be hosted on the computer and that threaten the operating system.
    • And the decontaminators that are used already after the equipment is infected, would be the computer’s antibiotics. Its function is to completely debug and clean the operating system, leaving it in the state it was in before being infected.

Examples of computer antivirus

  • Webroot: It offers multi-vector protection in terminals and networks as well as a maximum intelligence service.
  • Segurmatics: Protects the computer against malicious programs inserted within the operating system.
  • Panda security: Computer protection program with continuous care.
  • Norton antivirus: Known for its effectiveness, it is a specialist specialist in fighting Trojan viruses as well as spyware.
  • Eset NOD32: Antivirus executable manually in the spaces where it is required.
  • Microsotf Security Essential s:  Designed for Microsoft Windows home or office computers. He is a specialist in spyware, rootkits and Trojans.
  • AVG: Its main purpose is to carry out constant scans of the computer, of the emails sent and received on the computer, it has the ability to repair some infected files and the unrepaired files are sent to a quarantine area.
  • MSN Cleaner: It is responsible for detecting and eliminating all types of viruses transmitted by MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.
  • F-Secure Antivirus: Protects the computer against all types of viruses and offers a safe and reliable connection on the Internet, from banking transactions to the protection of minors when they enter the computer.
  • McAfee: Apart from what an antivirus normally offers, it especially offers the user a complete silent screen, which prevents, while the antivirus is running, displaying the alert ads, this in order to give the user greater comfort.

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