10 Examples of emails


It is an electronically managed service through which messages are received and sent over an electronic network . Its creation was thanks to the postal or physical mail model.

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From the postal mail , the mailboxes are taken as a reference to send and receive messages. The messages that are handled by this network are not only written, they can also be visual through images and any type of digital files.

The base model of email is the store-and-forward model. Within the system there is a server that is responsible for managing the sending of messages and temporary storage while it is sent to the recipient.

An email facilitates the speed of transmission of information , and lowers the costs at the time of transmitting it. This has allowed many companies and institutions, including natural persons, to take e-mail as their main means of communication, leaving aside faxes and physical and traditional correspondence.

The transport of these messages and the reception are just as fast and efficient, making the sending almost instantaneous.

How does it work?The main thing to know is that when the message is sent, it fragments it into small and individual data packets, each receiving an identification or label where the recipient’s name was attached.

In the computer world there are some routers that are responsible for transmitting these data packets through the fastest route and when they reach the recipient they are reorganized and become one again.

All you need to be able to use this means of communication is to have an email available. This tool is recognized as being described in the following way as an example: . The use of the at sign (@) separates the identification of the account owner from the email provider.

In this sense, the .com is the domain used by the company that owns the email. It is important to note that this domain or any other available on the network can be used.

Examples of emails

  1. Outlook
  2. Hotmail
  3. Gmail
  4. Yahoo!
  5. Windows live
  6. Zimbra
  7. Zentyal
  8. Exim
  9. Postfix
  10. Qmail
  11. Ebay

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