10 Hard Drive Features


It is an electronic module .

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The hard disk is responsible for accumulating all the information through a magnetic printing process. When information is stored on the hard drive, it is processed by the computer.

The hard drive can be internal (be inside the computer) or external.

Currently, the information stored on the hard drive is processed and analyzed through chemical methods, which makes the storage process more efficient.

Hard Drive Features

  1. Capacity: the capacity of the hard disk can be varied, so, depending on what you need to do with it, you will find the necessary capacity. Not always the largest or highest capacity hard drive turns out to be the best. It must have several characteristics in turn, including the brand.
  2. Average access time: that is, it is the average time taken between the desired sector and the time it takes for the needle to position itself on the track.
  3. Average seek time: is the average time it takes for the needle to locate on the desired track.
  4. Read-write time: it is the average time it takes the disk to read or write new information.
  5. Transfer rate: possible speed at which information is transferred to the computer.
  6. Average latency: average time it takes the needle to locate in the sector to be located.
  7. Rotation speed: it is known as the speed with which the hard disk spins.
  8. Data is magnetically stored on the hard drive  .
  9. Track cache: it is the flash memory located inside the hard drive.
  10. Landz: space where heads are parked once the pc is turned off.
  11. Interface: communication line between the hard disk and the computer.

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