10 Landing Page Examples

Landing Page is a term used in digital marketing to define pages designed to attract leads or customers to a website. The main objective of these landing pages is to get a visitor to become a customer of the site.

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One of the strategies used to get users to enter their email (the first step to becoming a customer) is to offer free e-books, tips or courses in return.

Generally, a Landing Page is a basic page, with a simple structure, with a minimalist design and a button or other element of Call To Action , which is where the user must press to enter their data that will take them to the activity that interests you, then these redirect to a thank you page.

In general, each brand contributes its style to these landing pages to attract the attention of visitors.


Leads, as they are technically known, are visitors to the page who should become customers of the brand, just by registering their email, subscribing to the site or buying a product.

Landing Page Examples

  • NOSA: is an example of a landing page that has a clear message according to the user’s needs, which consequently generates a call to action: “Download for free …”, “Send us your data”.
  • Bloom: is a landing page with visual effects with images related to the brand’s product, in this case flower arrangements.
  • THREE : It is a digital marketing site, whose objective is to provide advice and offer products related to the digital world, such as web design, social media management, among others. This is another example of a minimalist landing page with soft colors and a call-to-action button with a color that stands out from the elements.
  • Vimeo : The well-known video site also implements a landing page with a minimalist design, which displays simple texts with a headline, subtitle and the Call To Action “Get business video”.
  • Apple : The Cupertino company also has a fairly lightweight landing page, which allows users to get to a site where they find content that interests them quickly.
  • Buffer : The website of one of the best-known applications for programming on social networks, opts for a design with a white background and small specific elements such as the Call To Action that is in a position that draws the visitor’s attention.
  • .Shopify : The portal to install online stores has a simple landing page that describes your product and a call to action button that stands out from the design. This landing page offers a free trial, tips, and other free resources in exchange for your lead.
  • InboundEmotion : Your landing page offers a downloadable product related to your brand, in exchange for the user registering on the site. Its strategy is in the text that calls for action and “forces” the user to fill out the form on the site in a certain way.
  • Lyft: This landing page is part of the Lyft website, the landing page is at a glance and also offers a downloadable product in exchange for the user’s data, as in the previous example, the call to action is in the form .
  • Evernote: The site for managing scheduled tasks has a landing page with a video as a resource. Although the video is not the focus of attention, it fits very well with the design and objective of the page, to capture leads.

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