10 Proprietary Software Examples

Proprietary software are all those programs that have private codes to the public and can only be acquired under a paid license or exclusive license. Below we will provide you with a more detailed definition and the main examples of Proprietary Software.

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What is Proprietary Software?

We can define the Proprietary Software as the programs to which the user has limited access for its use, its modification and, sometimes, for its reorganization and are characterized by having a paid license to acquire it.

This is because mostly only the creators of the program have access to its modification, which is very different from free software, since it (unlike proprietary software) has free access and allows its users to modify and reorganize without need to pay for it.

This software is characterized from the rest by not allowing its modification and having a restrictive context , that is, each computer that acquires proprietary software must acquire a license.

Examples of Proprietary Software

Next, we will provide you with a list of the best known examples of Proprietary Software so that you know them at a higher level:

  1. Photoshop

This program for editing videos and images, belonging to the Adobe brand, a very well-known proprietary license program today.

  1. Mac

Like Windows, this is one of the main operating systems used by computers and it belongs to a company that provides proprietary software for the program.

  1. Corel Draw

This is one of the various existing graphic design programs that are used under a license of deprivation or proprietary software that currently exist, with this program we can edit and create videos and images and access the different types of graphic design editing.

  1. Edge

This is another good example of proprietary software, since this program cannot be modified and has a paid license for its acquisition.

  1. Windows

Like Mac, Windows is one of the most sold proprietary operating systems today and, in turn, one of the most famous and known worldwide, since by not having a Linux operating system on your computer, the most It is usual for it to use one of the different presentations of the Windows system.

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer

This, although it is not a paid software , can be considered a Proprietary Software since no modification can be made to its program, with the exception of its creators.

  1. Norton

This is one of the most widely used and acquired antivirus worldwide, although in general the antivirus are freely available online.

  1. Panda

Like the previous example, this program belongs to antivirus programs, and has a proprietary license, categorizing it as one of the best-known proprietary software programs.

  1. Microsoft Office

This is the main and most widely implemented office automation program existing today, it is characterized by being commercial and proprietary software simultaneously, making it one of the best-sellers worldwide.

  1. Kaspersky

Although there are currently an infinity of free licensed antivirus programs , the Kaspersky antivirus program is part of one of the best and most popular Proprietary Software programs.

As you can see, there is a wide list of programs that have proprietary software and some of them are widely used by human beings in their day to day, which gives them great importance and value, we hope that our article has been helpful. and we invite you to inquire more on our page.

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