10 Software Features


It is the intangible part of a computer . It is the brain and support of a computer system.

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In the software we can find a great variety of computer products or services that allow the correct operation of the electronic device.

Software Features

  1. It is everything that is called an operating system .
  2. It is responsible for integrating and managing hardware elements .
  3. It must have functionality or a high level of performance.
  4. Its reliability will largely depend on the functionality that the software generates.
  5. It has to be compatible , that is, easy to carry out the actions necessary to optimize and accelerate the performance of the computer.
  6. Software can be transferred from one computer to another without major inconvenience.
  7. There are several types of software, namely: programming, system and application.
  8. Software is not a product that is manufactured, it must be developed.
  9. All software is evolutionary , since as its use progresses, potentials and faults in the system are discovered.
  10. All software must have periodic maintenance , profitable, optimal and easy to implement, in order to speed up the process.

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