10 Xcopy examples

XCOPY is a structure coming from the DOS operating program , but it is also usable in Windows.

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XCOPY represents a shallow duplicate and was originally used to duplicate various folders from one directory to another, later also used to duplicate folders over a network.

XCOPY can be used to duplicate a complete disk using it with parameters that we will give below:

Origin [destination] [/ A | M] [/ D [: date]] [/ P] [/ S [/ E]] [/ V] [/ W]

Xcopy examples

Next, we will present a couple of examples of how to perform the XCOPY operation.

The XCOPY command, with its many alternatives and its ability to duplicate entire guides, has a similarity, but it is much stronger and more powerful than the traditional copy command.

  1. If you determine a sequence such as \ obj \ u.obj, all folders with the extension .obj will be discarded respectively.
  2. With the XCOPY you cannot duplicate disguised or program folders.
  3. The XCOPY papka2 d: \\ / m command will duplicate all the folders with the quality of a file constituted from the file “papka2” and place them on disk “D”.
  4. Key / P the XCOPY command will tell you when it will build a new folder when duplicating. “Name a folder f3.txt” on disk “C” and duplicated on disk “D”: xcopyf3.txt \\ / p.
  5. We consider that there are several folders in the file “papka2” and one of these folders have at the end the change data on March 24, 2019, and the remaining folders on March 22, 2019. Then the command xcopy papka d: \\ / D: 03-22-2019 will only duplicate that a folder that has a change date of March 23, 2019 or a following data. If you pay attention, you will notice that the data format is as follows: first the month, then the day and then the year.
  6. / A key will duplicate folders with set archive quality. For example, name a folder papka2 on disk “C” and put several writing folders in it. One of these folders through will clear the attribute of the folder through the file’s characteristics. Then the command xcopy papka2d: \\ / a will duplicate only the folders for which the file attribute is set.
  7. I put 3 text folders in the folder “papka2”: “file1txt”. Drop the folder attribute of the file “file1txt”. As a conclusion, this folder was not duplicated on disk “D”.
  8. You want that when duplicating the folder, in fact, it duplicates even if errors are found in the folders, you must add this / C:

Xcopy / E / I / C c: \ important d: \ destination

  1. Move a finished folder to another folder:

Xcopy / E / I c: \ important d: \ destination

  1. We are going to duplicate a folder on the desktop towards division D, saving its licenses

Xcopy c: \ users \ solvetic \ desktop \ solvetic.txt D: \ solvetic / o / x / e / h / k

  1. It indicates that this list of folders has a succession of folders. When a sequence coincides with some fraction of the complete access path of the file that is going to be duplicated at the moment

/ excude file1 [+ file2] [+ file3]

  1. Xcopy C: files / i

This example basically consists of the folders contained in the source of the C directories: folders that are duplicated to destination.

  1. Xcopy C: “server media backup” videos / f / j / s / w / z.

Here it is explained or implied that the command is used to duplicate all folders, subfolders and files located in subfolders.

  1. Xcopy C: client032 C: client033 / t / e

It is obtained from a source full of files and folders very well structured so that it is C: client032 means current client and C: client033 is assigned for a new client but without the need to duplicate any other file.

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