15 Characteristics of free software

Free software

The free software is known as all program information having a source , which can be studied, modified and used freely for any purpose. Its purpose is to give the user computing freedom .

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The fact that it is free software does not mean that it is free. It is often confused with its terminology in English (free software), however, it can be commercially distributed and still retains its free character.

For a software to be called free, it must meet four basic requirements of freedom , namely:

  • Freedom to use
  • You must have the freedom to improve
  • Freedom to study
  • You must be free to distribute

Free software features

  1. It can be used without any inconvenience on any computer system for any activity.
  2. If you want to make publications or modifications, you must include the source code. This is called flexibility and adaptability.
  3. You don’t have to pay or ask for permissions to run the software
  4. You are not obligated to advertise to any entity that has made certain modifications to one of its programs.
  5. To distribute free software, the distribution of your code is mandatory. Either in the original version or the modified version.
  6. Free software has to be distributed as such. Otherwise it would be illegal.
  7. It is reliable and safe; all errors are identified and corrected in a very short time.
  8. Adjustments and updates are done quickly. In this way it accelerates development.
  9. The programmer has a direct relationship with the user, to the point of making specific and personalized products only for the applicant.
  10. Due to its characteristics, it can compete without problems with piracy.
  11. Access is free. Anyone can access the information they need without paying a license.
  12. It guarantees the privacy of the user.
  13. Freedom, competitiveness.
  14. Efficiency, non-discrimination.
  15. Due to its free status, it guarantees greater protection against viruses.

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