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15 Characteristics of mammals


Mammals are a species of animal that can be differentiated from the rest, they are homeothermic or warm-blooded. They regulate and maintain their body temperature themselves.

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Mammal is considered to be any vertebrate animal that feeds its young through its mammary glands.

Characteristic of mammals

  1. They are warm-blooded animals
  2. They are viviparous, that is, the embryo develops inside the mother’s body.
  3. They generally have hair on most of their body.
  4. They have sweat glands.
  5. Females have mammary glands that serve to feed their young.
  6. They have lips, this allows them, being newborn, to be able to suck the mother’s milk.
  7. They have primary (milk) and secondary (bone) teeth
  8. They have an internal structure in their ear consisting of: hammer, stirrup and anvil.
  9. They can be carnivores, herbivores, insectivores, omnivores, or plankton eaters.
  10. They can live in all kinds of habitats.
  11. They have lung respiration.
  12. They have a defined bone structure.
  13. They have limbs
  14. They have a well-defined digestive system.
  15. Mammals and their young often have parental control until they reach a sufficient stage for them to be able to fend for themselves.

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