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15 Characteristics of Neptune


Neptune is the last planet belonging to the solar system . It is a planet, cold, dark and very windy. Physically it is very similar to Uranus and is 30 times farther from the sun than the earth.

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This planet is made up of methane,  and a thick mass of water , formed on a surface the size of the earth.

Its atmosphere is a composition of helium, methane and hydrogen and is part of the group of planets called gas giants.

Neptune Characteristics

  1. In much larger than the earth: the mass of this planet is 17 times more than the earth. Its volume is 57 times that of planet earth and it is considered the fourth planet with the largest diameter in the solar system.
  2. Their discovery was confusing: during the 19th century, the philosopher and astronomer Galileo Galilei said that this planet was being mistaken for a star. Years later (1846) they managed to confirm that it was indeed a planet that was part of the solar system.
  3. It is smaller than Uranus , but has a higher density .
  4. It has several satellites: it is the planet with the most moons in the solar system. Each of them is identified by name and position with respect to Neptune.
  5. Its composition is a rocky core: its center is a rock fused in solvents such as liquid ammonia, water and methane. Replacing on it a layer of helium, hydrogen, methane and water. The center of this planet reaches temperatures of up to 4700 ° C.
  6. It has its own magnetic field: the electromagnetic substances located in its internal part determine the movement of the planet’s magnetic field.
  7. It has a specific climatic condition: this planet has numerous, strong and constant winds, as well as long and stormy seasons.
  8. It has a history of space observation: it has had space impressions since 1989. It is thanks to studies and constant observations that a lot of information about this planet has been handled.
  9. It is part of the gas giants: for not keeping their temperatures very well and being so distant from the sun. Neptune is considered one of the ice or gas giants.
  10. It has rings similar to those of Saturn: its rings are made up of organic particles from the planet’s own magnetic radiation, silicate and ice particles. Each ring has a name, Galle, La Verrier and Adams.
  11. It is a bright planet despite its remoteness from the sun: its brightness is still impressive and quite curious due to its great distance from the sun.
  12. It has several spots that resemble those of Jupiter
  13. Its winds are stronger than those of any planet in the solar system. It has been observed that they even rotate in the opposite direction to the planet’s rotational movement.
  14. It has an average surface temperature of about -200 ° C.
  15. Neptune was the penultimate planet in the solar system, but with the departure of Pluto, considering it a dwarf planet, it became the last.

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