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15 Characteristics of Plasma


Plasma has its own aspects that do not occur in solids, liquids and gases.

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Due to these characteristics it possesses, it is called another state attached to matter ; it is considered as the fourth state of aggregation of matter.

It is a quasi-neutral group charged with particles with transporters free of electric charges, which originate a fused behavior that in turn is composed of independent charges where at least the atoms are partially ionized.

Although the degree of ionization does not necessarily have to be very large, if it is a large plasma creation size.

The difference with a plasma of a gas is because it finds gas carriers immediately. One of the important qualities of plasma is its conductivity and it has a strong reaction towards electric and magnetic fields.

This is very important in the universe since it is the most imminent state of aggregation.

Plasma Features

  1. It has no definite shape or volume.
  2. It has a collective behavior that characterizes it.
  3. It is conductive .
  4. It usually occurs when matter is exposed to radiation.
  5. Plasmas emerge and flow individually.
  6. They have pressure and density.
  7. There are no significant collective effects in plasma.
  8. thermal plasma is called when electrons and ions level out at the same temperature as their habitat, like stars.
  9. It is called non-thermal plasma when they are charged from a cold environment.
  10. Plasma , under the influence of a magnetic field, can form structure.
  11. It is the most abundant state of aggregation on the planet and the universe.
  12. They are complicated and difficult to analyze and study.
  13. It is saturated with linear state, difficulty and instability.
  14. It usually occurs when you are surrounded or exposed to radiation, high temperatures, or high voltages.
  15. They emerge and flow independently.

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