15 Characteristics of the Operating System

Operating system

They are primarily resource managers.

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The main resource they manage is the computer hardware , as well as the storage media, the processors, the input and output devices, and the data and communication devices.

It is a program that acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer hardware.

It is a system whose purpose is to provide an environment where the user has the ability to run programs.

Basically its main objective is focused on making the operating system work in a pleasant way.

Its secondary objective is that the computer is used efficiently.

Features of the operating system

  1. An operating system makes using a computer more convenient.
  2. Byte output processing over the data bus.
  3. Organize data for safe and fast access.
  4. Generation of statistics.
  5. Has error recovery techniques.
  6. Facilitates the process of sharing data between users and hardware.
  7. It prevents other users from interfering, they prevent users from blocking each other, informing you in turn if this application is being used.
  8. Manage network communications. It allows the user to work with high ease everything that deals with the installation and uses of computer networks.
  9. Facilitates entry and exit.
  10. It tends to link devices , it must be in charge of communicating with peripheral devices, when the user so wishes.
  11. It must be constituted in a way that condescends development.
  12. The software application are programs that are designed to design.
  13. They are a set of programs that facilitate the platform environment, and in turn allow its design.
  14. The system includes resources that will need to be used by subsequent systems.
  15. It works with any other special requirement that the system must respond to.

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