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15 Characteristics of the Sea Turtle

Sea turtle

They are reptilian animals that live in the sea . They make life in the depths of the ocean and come out to the seashore only to nest.

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They are cold-blooded animals and are part of the Choloioid family . There are currently 7 species of the sea turtle.

Characteristics of the Sea Turtle

  1. Their conditions and characteristics make them suitable for living under the sea.
  2. Its size and color may vary depending on the species.
  3. They do not have teeth.
  4. They have a beak-shaped jaw , which allows them to get food in hard-to-reach areas.
  5. They have a very good and developed sense of smell.
  6. Their vision is much better when they are in the water than when they are outside.
  7. They have fur covered ears .
  8. Their legs were replaced by fins, for greater mobility in the sea.
  9. The females of this species go to the seashore only to lay their eggs.
  10. Its life time is long. They can live up to 100 years or more.
  11. They are calm animals and spend most of their time underwater.
  12. They regulate their temperature with activities.
  13. They have a thick and large carapace.
  14. They can dive to more than 1000 feet.
  15. Their weight can reach 1500kg approximately and they can measure up to 28 inches long.

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