15 Computer Features


It is a computer and is known worldwide as an electronic device designed in order to process the information that the user enters through different techniques, and in turn convert it into useful data that the computer needs.

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There are different types of computers to suit a variety of uses and diverse tasks.

It has a  great capacity to mold itself to us  in any of the aspects that we need.

This work has made it  indispensable  to us.

Computer Features

  1. The CPU is the main component of the computer.
  2. The CPU is in charge of processing all the functions that are sent by different components.
  3. It has RAM memory . This is very important, since in it, the programs and applications that store the data with which you work.
  4. It has a hard disk ;  its function is to continue working with the information while the computer is off.
  5. The video card is very important; This is connected to the monitor to show the operations that are carried out.
  6. It interacts with the operating system and applications.
  7. The audio board is in charge of processing all aspects of the audio.
  8. The network card allows users to connect to the internet .
  9. Components will not work if they are not on a motherboard.
  10. The main circuit is in charge of interconnecting the various boards and making them work together.
  11. The network card gives the computer the ability to share data with printers or hard disk.
  12. The motherboards encompass the slots where the plates are connected audio, RAM, and video.
  13. The notebooks also have motherboards , but have the disadvantage of not being able to be updated.
  14. Computers use binary digits “0” and “1” to represent data.
  15. For storage is used: byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte.

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