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15 Examples of Annelids

The worms , although repugnant to some, are a very interesting animal species and useful for the correct development of our environment. There is a type of worms called annelids .

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What are annelids?

Annelids are invertebrate animals with an appearance similar to snakes, although with a great particularity: their body, the external part, is composed of a kind of rings , which in turn are part of ‘segments’ inside.

In addition to the cylinders that are perceived with the naked eye, annelids have another characteristic that makes them unique. They have an area called the coelom that is responsible for containing all their organs.

This cavity has transverse spaces called metamers that are filled with a liquid that houses the vital organs and other components of your body in an almost individual way, elements that are part of the nervous and circulatory systems.

Reproduction and feeding

The reproduction of annelids can be sexual or asexual, since some species are hermaphrodites.

On feeding, annelids consume organic matter, so they are part of detritivore or saprophagous animals. But in general, annelids have types of food that vary according to the class they belong to. Many are predators and filter feeders, for example.

Classification of annelids

Clitelados: They focus their existence on reproduction. This class of annelids is subdivided into hirudíneos: leeches, oligochaetes and earthworms in general.

Equiuroids : They are worms that live in water: rivers, ponds and others.

Polychaetes : They are animals, especially marine animals, although they also coexist on land with others. They use parapods (double appendages found on their body segments) to burrow or swim.

Myostomids : They are part of the parasites of echinoderms.

Examples of annelids

  • Worms
  • Leeches
  • Worms
  • Spirabanchis giganteus
  • Tubifex tubifex
  • Aulophorus
  • Sabellastarte indicates
  • Glycera
  • Tomopteriskils
  • Nephtys hombergii
  • Alitta virens.
  • Enchytraeida
  • Haplotaxide
  • Lumbricin
  • Megacollected

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