15 Examples of ICTs

ICTs or Information and Communication Technologies are a set of technological practices and tools related to communication between people and between person-machine.

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Today, ICTs are responsible for the establishment of a new communication paradigm, which undoubtedly affects people’s behavior. It is technology that sets the standard in terms of the consumption of one or another tool.

In many areas of knowledge, ICTs set parameters and modify work or learning practices, such as in industries and medicine, for example, where it is becoming increasingly easier to transmit messages and signals.

ICTs have created new jobs in companies of all kinds in which current communication tools must be used and have generated a new pattern of consumption that replaced many other traditional media in a single device.

Examples of ICTs

  1. Digital board
  2. Smartphones
  3. Virtual assistants
  4. Tablets
  5. Interactive tables
  6. Apps
  7. E-books
  8. Email
  9. Chats or instant messaging
  10. Smart Watches
  11. E-commerce
  12. Online banking
  13. Web search engines
  14. Streaming Videos
  15. Internet TV channels
  16. Social media
  17. Websites and blogs

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