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20 Characteristics of Iguanas


Iguanas are animals belonging to the reptile family . These reptiles are peculiarly scaly and native to the tropics.

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This type of animal is calm in character, so many currently have them in their homes as pets.

Characteristics of the Iguana

  1. Iguanas, measured from head to tail, can measure from 60 cm to 2 meters.
  2. The approximate weight of these animals can be between 15 and 17 kilos.
  3. Its color is green , depending on the type of iguana, its color tone can vary, from the lightest to the darkest.
  4. Its skin color allows it to camouflage itself among trees and vegetation to avoid predators.
  5. They have larger hind legs than the front ones.
  6. Its claws are hard and sharp. With them they climb the trees.
  7. They are considered herbivorous reptiles.
  8. Their tails can measure the same size as their body . They generally use it as a defense mechanism.
  9. They are animals that tend to shed their skin . This process is known as ecdysis.
  10. Due to their scaly skin, these tend to grow so, instead of shedding them one by one, they completely shed their skin.
  11. They can vary in temperature , depending on the space where they are.
  12. They are very calm and peaceful animals .
  13. They have excellent vision.
  14. They usually live generally in humid ecosystems , in trees of 1 meter or more.
  15. Iguanas can live for approximately 10-15 years.
  16. They are oviparous animals .
  17. Their sexual maturity is reached at a year and a half of life.
  18. They are animals that can reach sexual maturity without having to reach adulthood.
  19. Males of this species have a larger and more pronounced crest than females.
  20. Their ears are located just behind the eyes.

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