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20 Characteristics of the Turtle

The turtle

It is an animal that has inhabited the earth for more than one hundred thousand million years, since the Triassic period ; They belong to the reptile family.

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Turtles are animals that have a fairly hard shell, which allows them to protect themselves from predators and can live both in water and on land.

There are two types of turtles: The marine ones, which are those that inhabit the depths of the sea and the terrestrial ones.

Turtle Characteristics

  1. They have a shell on their back that is generally hard, broad and resistant.
  2. They are animals (tortoises) that like to sunbathe to absorb vitamin D.
  3. They have four legs , two front and two back.
  4. In the case of sea ​​turtles , evolution has made them transform their legs into flippers to be able to swim.
  5. Turtle skin is very thick and rough.
  6. They can live up to 100 years or more.
  7. They are herbivorous animals although there are also some omnivorous species .
  8. They have the ability to last a long time without feeding.
  9. They are animals that are perfectly physically adaptable to any type of environment.
  10. Its anatomy and physiognomy , is adapted to the environment where it is.
  11. Sea turtles swim in deep seas and ocean currents.
  12. You can find sea turtles almost anywhere in the world’s oceans.
  13. Its behavior is based on the space and environment in which it is located.
  14. They are usually
  15. The males in the species of sea turtles , once they enter the sea, never come to the surface again.
  16. Female sea ​​turtles only surface to lay their eggs.
  17. These marine species usually walk in groups through the marine currents.
  18. The tortoises sexually mature between 9 and 15 years, while aquatic do between 9 and 20 years old.
  19. All tortoises have their reproduction period. They do it between spring and summer.
  20. Once the mother lays the eggs, both in the aquatic species and in the terrestrial species, they are never visited by the mother again.

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