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20 examples of light energy

The light energy , also known as energy light, is that which is produced by the waves of the light sources are carried by commonly used as a light bulb. But if we want to understand it a little more, it is necessary to understand what light is about .

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Light is electromagnetic radiation that contains photons and moves at 300,000 km / s in a straight line. It can have several colors depending on the beam of light and the wave generated.

So, light is made up of photons and propagates by waves, and light energy is what is produced by this wave movement. It is a type of visible energy in which we can also be aware of its quantity (of light), and that can be transformed into another type of energy, such as calorific, thermal or electrical.

Photometry is the science that is responsible for studying all the phenomena of light, so, although there are established concepts, tests and research will always be developed in this regard.

This is a type of energy that represents a great advantage for various industrial and everyday processes . It has an inexhaustible source and its cost is very economical compared to other types of energy, in terms of producing it and maintaining it. Although in some cases, depending on its use, it will be very expensive to generate it. Besides everything, it does not pollute the environment .

Next, you will see a list with examples of this type of energy so necessary for daily life.

20 examples of light energy

  • The sun It is a clear example of light energy that is also kinetic because it is in constant motion.
  • Flashlight. Powered by chemical energy built into the batteries.
  • Bonfires. And any manifestation with fire.
  • The fireflies. One of the insects that emits its own light.
  • The fireflies. Much like fireflies.
  • The rays. Electric energy generated by natural phenomena.
  • Burning candle . A small sample of real light energy.
  • Electric light bulb. The most common example of light energy, derived from electrical energy.
  • Fluorescent tubes. A variant of traditional light bulbs.
  • Automobile spotlight. Generally yellow light.
  • Old TV screens. In which tubes were used.
  • To be. Either those used in the area of ​​medicine as in other areas.

As receivers of light energy:

  • Photosynthesis. A process that occurs in plants where sunlight is received to produce oxygen.
  • Solar calculators. They need sunlight to function.
  • Photovoltaic panels. With sunlight they are able to generate electricity.
  • Photochromic crystals.
  • Solar lamps.
  • Solar batteries.
  • Ecological radios.
  • Solar lawn mower.

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