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20 Examples of Sublimation

A chemical process is a series of actions in which chemical substances act and are transformed until obtaining a totally different product. There are various chemical processes such as deposition, sublimation , reverse sublimation, condensation, and others.

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What is sublimation?

Sublimation is one of those common chemical processes in which an element in a solid state goes into a gaseous state without going through the liquid phase . This operation is performed when the temperatures and pressure are below the triple point at any given time. The critical point is where the three states of an element converge.

When an element is converted from a solid to a gas, it means that it has experienced a drop in pressure, while its temperature is below the triple point. It also happens if the temperature is high and the pressure is below the triple point.

Examples of Sublimation

  • Benzoic acid: purified with sublimation.
  • Salicylic acid – used in medicine as an ointment and easily sublimates.
  • Water : from solid state (ice) to gaseous state (vapor).
  • Camphor : used in medicine and therapies for respiratory conditions.
  • Aluminum : at 1000 ° C it transforms from a solid state.
  • Anthracene : it is sublimated to obtain its purification.
  • Air fresheners: the air fresheners that they place in cars, bathrooms, etc.
  • Arsenic : at 615 ° C it sublimates to a very toxic gas.
  • Sulfur : between 25 and 50 ° C it sublimates to a dangerously toxic gas.
  • Cadmium : compound that sublimates with some ease.
  • Carbon dioxide : The passage from dry ice (which is carbon dioxide) to that “smoke” (gas) so characteristic.
  • Graphite : sublimates with electricity.
  • Menthol : another component that has fast sublimation.
  • Metallurgy : it is used in some industries and sublimation is used to obtain its purified product.
  • Naphthalene : material that, when sublimated, serves to prevent moths.
  • Gold : sublimated to create gold-plated pieces.
  • Sublimation cosmic : in comets there sublimation of water.
  • Printing inks : those used to print images on polyester, plastic, etc. The inks have solid elements that, when they go to gas, are reflected in the products.
  • Iodine : at 100 ° C sublimates to a purple gas that is toxic.
  • Zinc : if the pressure drops, the zinc also becomes a gaseous state.

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