20 Windows Features


It is an operating system developed by the Microsoft company , functional on mobile computers, whose purpose is to run programs easily and simply for the user.

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It became popular because it has an interface of overlapping windows in order to have a variety of information at the fingertips of users.

Windows features

  1. It has the ability to run multiple tasks at the same time.
  2. The information presented is completely graphical (GUI).
  3. It has the ability to give files long names. Up to 255 characters.
  4. It has an ideal platform to implement network . Connecting the equipment with other devices.
  5. It is a paid operating system.
  6. It has a desktop that covers the entire monitor screen.
  7. The Windows desktop is the main feature of this operating system.
  8. Folders or shortcuts can be added to the desktop to quickly and efficiently have the information the user needs available.
  9. Over time, Windows has released several improved versions in order to improve the functionality of the system with the user.
  10. Its versions, along with its updates (operating system corrections) have evolved from Windows 1 to Windows 10 , which is currently available.
  11. It has a menu , where you can find a list of various subtopics. This list may or may not be visible, depending on the comfort of the user.
  12. The Windows start button , located in the lower left corner of the screen, displays a menu with functions and programs most used by the user.
  13. It has a help option to guide the user who does not master the operating system.
  14. It has a graphical user interface . It is known as the computer-user interaction mechanism.
  15. It has a task bar , where it shows the user the windows that are open or running.
  16. It has icons that are images that graphically represent the file or document it contains.
  17. It has direct access . It is an icon linked to a file or folder. It is recognized by having an upward curved arrow located on the left side of the icon.
  18. The windows have specific characteristics, namely: title bar, menu bar, tool bar and address bar.
  19. It has programs that perform one or more functions or tasks within the computer.
  20. It has a manager of files or folders.

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