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30 Characteristics of Aluminum


Aluminum is considered a chemical element and we can find it in the periodic table with the letters AI and its atomic number is 13 (it is composed of 13 protons and 13 electrons) and it has a mass of 27 u.

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This chemical element is believed to be the most abundant on earth.

This element has a high reactivity and electropositivity that makes it easy and simple to combine with various substances. So it is very common to get it in combination with other elements.

The various minerals that contain this element go through a process of liquefaction and crushing, mixing it with caustic products, thus separating it from the mineral.

Aluminum Characteristics

  1. It has an atomic mass of 26.98.
  2. Its atomic number is 13.
  3. It has a density of 2.702 / 3.
  4. Its color is silver.
  5. Distinctive symbol : AI.
  6. Melting point between 660 ° C.
  7. Its boiling point is 2467 °.
  8. The number of protons and electrons that make it up is 13.
  9. Its structure is cubic and centered on the faces.
  10. It is classified as a metal.
  11. It is obtained from bauxite.
  12. Considered a malleable and ductile element.
  13. It is soft and light.
  14. It is not considered a toxic metal.
  15. It is a good conductor of heat.
  16. It does not generate a spark when exposed to friction.
  17. It is a metal that does not have magnetic properties.
  18. Reacts against hot acids.
  19. When transformed into powder, it catches fire quickly.
  20. It is considered an active metal.
  21. When exposed to humid air and oxygen, aluminum oxide mixes and forms.
  22. It is an easy metal to machine, cast or assemble.
  23. It is part of group IIIA of the periodic system.
  24. It is a light metal.
  25. Its distribution is easily located in plants and some rocks.
  26. It has a  large reflectivity .
  27. Its consumption is  toxic; Despite being considered a non-toxic metal , its constant consumption can cause serious damage to the central nervous system.
  28. It presents resistance to traction.
  29. It is a metal that is abundant in nature . It is located just behind the oxygen and silicon.
  30. It has a low melting point.

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