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30 Characteristics of oxygen


Oxygen is a very important chemical element , its atomic number is 8 and its letter is O.

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It is considered a gas at room temperature and represents approximately 20% of the composition of the earth’s atmosphere.

Oxygen characteristics

  1. It can be found alone or combined.
  2. It is essential to live.
  3. It is essential to be able to breathe.
  4. It is essential for the photosynthesis process.
  5. It belongs to group VI of the periodic table.
  6. Its atomic number is 8.
  7. The number of protons / electrons is 8 .
  8. Its atomic mass is 15.99.
  9. It has a number of electrons of 8.
  10. Its density is 1.42 g / cm 3 .
  11. It is a non-metal element.
  12. It has no color.
  13. In liquid and solid state it turns pale blue.
  14. It is obtained from liquid air.
  15. It has neither shape nor size.
  16. It is colorless, tasteless and odorless.
  17. It is one of the most abundant elements on planet earth.
  18. It is considered a key element of organic chemistry.
  19. It has a variety of presentations.
  20. Ozone is considered a variety of oxygen.
  21. Pure oxygen can be used to treat various diseases.
  22. It is considered highly reactive.
  23. It has the facility to be combined with various elements.
  24. Combined with metal, it casts rust.
  25. When combined with a non-metal , an anhydride is obtained.
  26. Oxidation may occur at the cellular level.
  27. It is highly combustible.
  28. By combining oxygen, it can be flammable.
  29. Oxygen combined with flammable substances generates combustion.
  30. It is used industrially , in iron foundry, steelmaking, among other things.

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