4 Examples of Cognitive Dissonance

The cognitive dissonance is a theory that explains how people can become self – deception to get rid of the discomfort that generates them the contradiction of their ideas.

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When a person has an internal conflict because their ideas, beliefs or values ​​suffer a ‘clash’ with each other (cognitive dissonance), they use certain tricks so that this does not affect them and everything returns to normal, even at the cost of self-deception.

When what we think and what we do do not have coherence with each other, it is when we are facing a cognitive dissonance. This discomfort can be the trigger for many internal conflicts that can become serious or that simply lead us to make drastic decisions about our life.

Examples of cognitive dissonance

  • Loving your husband or wife, but being unfaithful, justifying that you need someone to value your feelings, as your partner does not.
  • Be very honest, but have to sell a very low quality product and say that it is ‘the best in the market’, because it is your job and you must support your family.
  • Indicate that you are a person who would never speak ill of a relative, but justify yourself in your behavior to start commenting on things from your past.
  • Feeling that only you should provide everything you need in life with your own effort, but request help from the government and justify it with the fact that they are obliged to help you.

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