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40 Examples of Migrating Animals

There are many animals that migrate   throughout the year. The migrating animals is a process in which many species of the kingdom Animalia move from one place to another in search of food or couples to mate. This phenomenon is generated in certain seasons of the year and in some areas of the planet.

Not all animals need to migrate to obtain resources or to function according to their biological characteristics. Only a part of the animal population and only in some geographic areas are migrations common.

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Causes of migration in animals

There are causes that force animals to move and that go beyond their instinct. On the other hand, there are species that do it from time to time due to their instinct or the “human invasion” of their habitat .

Mammals, invertebrates, birds, fish and amphibians migrate , that is, almost all species of animals that simply have needs related to some of these common causes:

  • Survival . The survival instinct leads them to other places where their life is not in apparent danger. In addition, it also refers to the preservation of the species through reproduction. Looking for a partner to mate is another important cause of migration.
  • Climate changes. Depending on the season of the year, especially in winter and summer, many animals move to other spaces where the temperature is more suitable for their body . Some move in winter to warmer areas, for example. Others, in summer or drought, travel to find water or food that cannot be produced due to the climate.
  • Human work. Industrial processes, logging or construction. These factors can generate in the animals the need to go to another place, since their habitat has been affected.
  • By instinct. Due to neurophysiological factors closely related to natural selection.

Examples of migrating animals

Next, you will see examples of animals that migrate and some do so for many kilometers or nautical miles, others only move for spaces of just hours away.

  1. Fishing eagle
  2. Traveling albatross
  3. Common shrike
  4. Parrots
  5. Antelope
  6. Herrings
  7. Red admiral
  8. Flounder
  9. Codfish
  10. Tuna
  11. Southern Right Whale
  12. Humpback Whale
  13. Red-necked goose
  14. Loggerhead
  15. Crab
  16. Zebra
  17. White stork
  18. Whooper swan
  19. Red throated hummingbird
  20. Tern
  21. Little golden plover
  22. Elephant
  23. Common flamingo
  24. Gazelles
  25. Canada goose
  26. Purple heron
  27. Arctic tern
  28. Laughing seagull
  29. Swallow
  30. Common crane
  31. Hyena
  32. Locust
  33. Sea lion
  34. Lion
  35. Leopard
  36. Dragon-fly
  37. Monarch butterfly
  38. Wildebeest
  39. Shadowy shearwater
  40. Red-billed Pagaza
  41. Common pelican
  42. Plankton
  43. American reindeer
  44. Salamander
  45. Salmon
  46. Toad
  47. Frogs
  48. Leatherback turtle
  49. Trout

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