5 Arduino Examples


It is an open source electronic platform, that is, it is based on free hardware and software. This platform has easy access and management for both creators and developers.

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Through this platform, the creation of microcomputers on a single board is allowed , with which creators within the community can give it a diversity of uses and applications.

One of the facilities that this platform offers is to provide the necessary bases so that any person or company has the availability to create their own plates, which may be different from each other but functional on the same basis.

In the case of free software , which is the system with which Arduino works, it makes it easy for its users to have access to the codes, thus allowing wide accessibility for anyone who wants to use and apply it.

The arduino platform is called IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ). Through this programming platform, anyone who wants can create the applications that they think are necessary and convenient for Arduino boards.

It has two interfaces

  • Input interface: through it, various types of peripherals can be connected to the board, transferring it to the microcomputer through data processing.
  • Output interface : this interface is responsible for transferring the information that was processed in the Arduino to other peripherals, which could be these screens, speakers, boards, controllers, among others.

Arduino Examples

  1. Arduino Due: Electronic board based on Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU.
  2. Arduino robot: It incorporates in it, free arduino hardware license and open source, better known as “open sourse”Arduino Yun: Arduino project board whose purpose is the internet of things.Arduino Leonardo: Board based on a microcontroller that has 20 digital input and output pins.
  3. Arduino Mega ADK: This is an electronic development board based on AtMega2560

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