5 examples of a technical report template

A technical report constitutes a document that is prepared to expose in a short, precise and concise way the beginning, the progress and the evolution of a project or some cooperation. This document will serve to link the reader, plant manager or supervisor, to the work that is being carried out in a certain field.

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A technical report must be written clearly, because its purpose is to be understood by anyone, even those who do not have the knowledge of the field covered. These are characterized by being brief but with complete information, it can also be accompanied by photographic material.

Examples of technical report template

Preparing a technical report model is something simple, it must meet certain requirements for its understanding:

  • The first thing we must write is the objective of the report, to connect the reader of this document with the approach or problem that we are going to present. In this paragraph we are going to break down everything we want to report.
  • In the second instance we must place a paragraph that tells us where the approach comes from. It is cataloged as the paragraph of the antecedents. This writing must be done chronologically, that is, from the beginning to that moment; At this point it is important to know that if we mention any document, whether legal or not, we must support the report with said document, attaching a copy of it.
  • In the third and subsequent paragraphs, we describe the work we have been doing, the progress, the approaches, the collaborations and everything that supports the progress we have made in the field that we wish to report.
  • In a technical report we must include the proposals that will allow us to move forward and improve the quality of the work we have undertaken. In it, the aid requested to optimize the work carried out will be presented.
  • Although it sounds incoherent, any summary must lead to conclusions. Each technical report should have a final idea, this will support every word that we have included in previous paragraphs.
  • In addition to these five steps that we have summarized for the elaboration of a technical report model, it is important to know that the writing of these also includes an index, a glossary of terms, bibliography and annexes.

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