5 Examples of Sustainable Tourism

The sustainable tourism is tourism that preserves the productivity of the systems, reducing the impact on the ecosystem and traditional cultural aspects. But, in addition, this type of tourism can generate economic income for the State, money that is used in part to continue supporting the place and to pay the people who work there.

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With sustainable tourism, the exploitation of natural resources is controlled in order to preserve their productivity. The objective is to prolong the tourist activity and that it does not conflict with society or nature itself.

Examples of sustainable tourism

  1. Gijón (Spain). Certified in 2013 according to the “Biosphere World Urban Destination” standard.
  2. Feynan Ecolodge (Jordan). It belongs to the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN).
  3. Werfenweng (Germany). They maintain an ideology of sustainable mobility, in which they collectively use transportation to avoid gasoline cars. There are also electric cars and horses.
  4. Bombom / Omali Prince Island. His project is the recycling of plastic.
  5. Eco-friendly holiday villas (Maldives) . They use nearly 6,000 square meters of self-cleaning solar panels to operate.

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