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A use case is a sequence carried by interactions developed jointly between a system and its actors, this being the response that is generated as a result of an event initiated by a main actor within the same system.

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In the area of software engineering a use case is used to capture potential requirements pertaining to a new system or updated software . Every particular use case is responsible for indicating how the system should interact with the user or other systems in order to achieve a specific objective.

The use of technical language or a lot of technicality is less used in this medium since its purpose is to achieve the greatest closeness with the user.

These use case diagrams are useful when making specifications for both communication and behavior of a system through the interaction that occurs with other users and even with the system itself.

To speak of a relationship is to refer to the connection between various elements that make up the model as it occurs in the case of generalization and specialization . These use case diagrams are used in order to be able to illustrate what the system requires through the exhibition or demonstration of the reaction to or against various events.

Use case examples

  1. Commercial use case
  2. Use case digital user systemTrade order handling use case
  3. Use case for request
  4. Use case for order request
  5. A use case is used mostly in the systems modeling processes , taking as a starting point the approach of the object orientation or guide paradigm, as well as object-directed analysis or design.

The use case is part of   the unified modeling language , which is made up of various tools such as: collaboration, component, activity diagrams, class diagrams, among many others.

We can say then that the main application of the use case is based on the application of designs and analysis focusing in a particular way on the user’s requirement. Thanks to its easy understanding and simple elaboration, this tool is an excellent communication mechanism.

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