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50 Examples of Marsupials


Marsupials are a very peculiar species of mammal . Unlike placental mammals, that is, those embryos that develop in an internal placenta, marsupials develop and finish growing in the masurp, which is nothing more than the external bag where the embryo lives during its development.

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Due to their characteristics, marsupials have a gestation period or stage between 10 and 14 days , completing the evolutionary process within the marsupium, where the mother’s nipples are.

The female of this species has three vaginas of which two are used for the gestation process and the middle one is where the young are born, and a double uterus.

At the time of birth, the young, during a very early stage of their development, crawl on a line of saliva until they reach the pouch, where the young is attached to the mother’s nipples for a prolonged period.

Example of marsupials

  1. Dendrolagus matschiei
  2. Macropus sp.
  3. Numbat
  4. Phascolarctos cinereus
  5. Giant Uombat – Diprotodon optatum
  6. Palorchestes painei
  7. Procoptodon goliah
  8. Thylacoleo carnifex
  9. Marmosas
  10. Opossum
  11. Walabi parma
  12. Marsupial moles
  13. Dunnart
  14. Thylacine
  15. Kowari
  16. Long-tailed kangaroo-rat
  17. Filandro
  18. Bilby
  19. Cuoca
  20. Mouse opossum
  21. Tasmanian Devil
  22. Eastern wallaby (extinct)
  23. Numbat
  24. Thylacinidae (extinct)
  25. Short
  26. Red kangaroo
  27. Onychogalea lunata (extinct)
  28. Mountain monkey
  29. Western gray kangaroo
  30. Sugar glider
  31. Sugar glider
  32. Badjcinus (extinct)
  33. Opossum
  34. Southern Antequino
  35. Short nosed echidna
  36. Koala
  37. Antequino
  38. Bandicut
  39. Dasiuru
  40. Tammar kangaroo
  41. Minor Bilbi (extinct)
  42. Uombat
  43. Nimbacino (extinct)
  44. Plan
  45. Mulgara
  46. Couscous
  47. Mulgara
  48. Thylacinus potens
  49. Common Ualaru
  50. Cuoca

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