Concept of abstract

Abstract is a concept that refers to something that is not determined , specific, does not have its own definition or personality, so it does not have specifications that can determine or detail it. In this sense, the human mind is one of the things that are considered abstract since, from what is observed, generally very little can be achieved, extracting only some ideas and thus forming our own.

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Thoughts and ideas, feelings and emotions related to beauty, desire, love, among others, are actions or ideas that cannot be observed with the human eye, however, through the process of abstraction, the man is capable of interpreting them.

Concept from various perspectives

    • From a philosophical point of view , something abstract is any representation that cannot correspond to any concept or sensorial data. In that sense, it refers to something difficult to understand.
    • From the point of view of grammar , abstract nouns are those that are responsible for defining actions that have no physical existence, being only perceptible from the mind.
    • From the perspective of mathematics , abstract algebra studies the various structures such as rings, vector space, or body. In some cases, the combined elements are not usually interpreted as numbers.

Abstract thinking

It is one of the capacities that are considered inescapable of the human mind . It refers to a thought that cannot be visualized and is built through three main factors, namely: concept, judgment and reasoning.

One of the main characteristics of human thought is its ability to isolate details. As long as it is possible to isolate more details that arise from the main concept, the more abstract will be the thought and therefore the reasoning.

Abstract art

It is a manifestation that is responsible for representing the various forms and contents outside any presentation of the outer appearance that refers to what is known as reality, expressing the most essential of art. This art is born from the various avant-garde movements such as Fauvism and Expressionism.

The Abstract Expressionism is an artistic movement of the 40s also called New York School . It is characterized by its energetic techniques that could become more important than painting. Abstract expressionism is divided into two main currents: Action Painting where the painting is thrown directly onto the canvas and the meditative or mystical current that privileged the sensitive and tactile effects.

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