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Animals that are in danger of extinction with examples and list

The animals endangered refer to species, including their family, genus and varieties that are at risk environment, compromising continuity in the ecosystem .

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Although it is true that this phenomenon occurs in nature gradually to give way to biological evolution, it is alarming how the extinction of animal species has risen as individuals exercise bad practices, which cause a decrease in biodiversity, damaging the sustainability of humanity, since there will be a lack of water, less fertile soils and, finally, variability in temperatures.

All these elements cause a negative interaction, affecting ecological niches, altering the natural cycles of the elements and resulting in the loss of native species from certain regions of the world .

Examples of animals that are in danger of extinction


  1. White lagoon frog
  2. Darwin’s frog
  3. Endemic frog
  4. Large island frog
  5. Zapala frog
  6. Long-legged frog
  7. Giant chinese salamander
  8. Leaf toad
  9. Axolotl
  10. Morelet frog
  11. Cretan frog
  12. Karpos frog


  1. Glaucous macaw
  2. Iberian imperial eagle
  3. Charao parrot
  4. Cauquén colorado
  5. Suri cordillerano
  6. Cinderella Shearwater
  7. Bulwer’s petrel
  8. Gran Canaria blue finch
  9. Vulture vulture
  10. Pyrenean grouse
  11. Bustard
  12. Canary Egyptian vulture
  13. Lesser shrike
  14. Iberian imperial eagle
  15. Red-necked goose
  16. Andean flamenco
  17. Partridge pigeon of the wetar
  18. Mustached halcyon
  19. Emperor penguin
  20. Ecuadorian Amazon Parrot
  21. Sumatran ground cuckoo
  22. Black stork
  23. Handsaw duck
  24. Dwarf tinamou
  25. Red canquén goose
  26. Shorty bird by Juan Fernández
  27. Woodpecker
  28. African Hummingbird
  29. Hummingbird by Juan Fernández
  30. Striped bird from further outside
  31. Tricahue parrot or barraquero parrot
  32. Mollusk cockatoo
  33. Northern brown kiwi
  34. Alizul goose
  35. Pigeon manumea
  36. Quetzal
  37. Moray eagle or Philippine
  38. Tobiano Macá or Tobiano Grebe
  39. Vinous parrot
  40. Jacutinga
  41. Warbler by kiritimati
  42. Red-necked goose
  43. Gray teal
  44. Moorish coot
  45. Helmet or Helmet Calao
  46. Andean toucan
  47. Congo owl
  48. Guayaquil Parrots
  49. Sword-billed hummingbird
  50. Vultures
  51. Shoebill
  52. Eskimo Curlew
  53. Galapagos Albatross
  54. Kakapo
  55. Red corinilla crane
  56. White-headed Malvasia Duck
  57. Condor of the andes
  58. Whitelegged Emerald from Munchique
  59. Balearic Shearwater
  60. New Caledonian Egolet
  61. Sun hummingbird
  62. Balearic Shearwater
  63. Forest owl
  64. Swamp cockroach
  65. Cockroach of Antioquia
  66. Great Indian Bustard
  67. Giant ibis
  68. California condor
  69. Bengali Little Bustard
  70. Northern rhea or suri
  71. Galapagos Alabatros
  72. Little Tern

Troglobian caudate

  1. Proteus or olm


  1. Aegla crabs or tank crabs


  1. Jarabugo
  2. Marine lamprey
  3. Sollo or sturgeon
  4. Puye
  5. Bermejuela
  6. Karachi
  7. Gray stripe or sandpaper stripe
  8. Denteno
  9. Redstart barbel
  10. Electric stripe
  11. Red tuna
  12. White shark
  13. Salmo carpio
  14. Apache trout
  15. Goblin shark
  16. Common sturgeon
  17. Coelacanth of Comoros
  18. The paddlefish of the Yangtze
  19. Samarugo
  20. Common sturgeon
  21. European eel
  22. Mekong catfish
  23. Napoleon fish
  24. sea ​​cow


  1. African bat
  2. Large horseshoe bat
  3. Bigeye bat
  4. Forest buzzard bat
  5. Talud Flying Fox


  1. Red-faced lemur
  2. Mountain gorilla
  3. Bornean and Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii)
  4. Common chimpanzee
  5. Platyrhine ucarí
  6. Sahafary jumping lemur
  7. Proboscis or Nassic monkey
  8. Caí or capuchin monkey

Mysticete cetacean

  1. Vaquita marina


  1. Kill giant stingray


  1. South Asian box turtle
  2. Stupid turtle
  3. Black tortoise
  4. Sea turtle
  5. African snout crocodile
  6. Gavial
  7. Tropical forest snake
  8. Chinese alligator


  1. Nelsón Squirrel
  2. Dormouse rat of Formentera
  3. Golden vizcacha rat
  4. Short-tailed chinchilla rodent
  5. Long-tailed chinchilla rodent
  6. Mexican prairie dog
  7. Texas Kangaroo Rat
  8. Goat vole mole


  1. Ricord’s iguana
  2. Leaf Chameleon by antsingy
  3. Slizon of oran
  4. Volcano growling lizard
  5. Chaquirado lizard
  6. Fiji crested iguana


  1. Bengal tiger (carnivorous mammal)
  2. Polar bear (carnivorous mammal)
  3. Panda bear (omnivorous mammal)
  4. Andean bear (omnivorous mammal)
  5. Elephant (herbivorous mammal)
  6. Java rhinoceros (herbivorous mammal)
  7. Kangaroo (herbivorous mammal)
  8. Saiga (artiodactyl mammal)
  9. South African riparian rabbit (lagomofus mammal)
  10. Pygmy Hippo (Artiodactyl Mammal)
  11. Red wolf (carnivorous mammal)
  12. Arni buffalo (artiodactyl mammal)
  13. Bactrian camel (artiodactyl mammal)
  14. European bison (artiodactyl mammal)
  15. Malabar large-spotted civet (carnivorous mammal)
  16. Wild Turkey Goat (Artiodactyl Mammal)
  17. Tapir (perissodactyl mammals)
  18. Chaco peccary (artiodactyl mammal)
  19. Guazú aguara fox (carnivorous mammal)
  20. Marsh deer (herbivorous mammal)
  21. wild llama guanaco (artiodactyl mammal)
  22. Mountain goat (artiodactyl mammal)
  23. Pional hare ( lagomofo mammal )
  24. Wild cat Iberian lynx (carnivorous mammal)
  25. Common porpoise (marine mammal)
  26. Wild margay cat (carnivorous mammal)
  27. Mustelid European mink (carnivorous mammal)
  28. New Zealand sea lion (pinniped mammal)
  29. Seals (pinniped mammal)
  30. Pacific walruses (pinniped mammal)
  31. Ocelot (carnivorous mammal)
  32. Saola or ox vu quang (artiodactyl mammal)
  33. African wild dog (carnivorous mammal)
  34. Pangolin (placental mammal)
  35. Snow leopard or irbis (carnivorous mammal)
  36. Zebra (perissodactyl mammal)
  37. Black foot ferret (carnivorous mammal)
  38. Lycaon (carnivorous mammal)
  39. Feline cat colo colo (carnivorous mammal)
  40. Geoffrey’s cat feline (carnivorous mammal)
  41. Winking feline or winking cat (carnivorous mammal)
  42. Andean cat feline (carnivorous mammal)
  43. Puma (carnivorous mammal)
  44. Zorro or chilote or Darwin’s fox (carnivorous mammal)
  45. Culpeo fox from tierra del fuego (carnivorous mammal)
  46. Armadillo (placental mammal)
  47. Tatu ball (cingulate mammal)
  48. Sloth (placental mammal)
  49. African wild ass (herbivorous mammal)
  50. Giant otter (carnivorous mammal)
  51. Chungungo small otter (marine mammal)
  52. Fur otter pale arctic otter (carnivorous mammal)
  53. Huillín otter (aquifer mammal)
  54. Taruca deer or northern huemul (mammal)
  55. Juan Fernández fur seal sea lion (pinniped mammal)
  56. Humpback whale or humpback whale (marine mammal)
  57. Southern right whale (marine mammal)
  58. Pink dolphin (marine mammal)
  59. Koala (marsupial mammal)
  60. Monito del Monte Marsupial
  61. Marsupial weasel trompuda (marsupial mammal)
  62. Dwarf wild boar (artiodactyl mammal)
  63. Asiatic cheetah (carnivorous mammal)
  64. Northern wonbat (marsupial mammal)


  1. Angels of the sea
  2. The nacra

In general terms, the consequence of the current extinction of animal species can be attributed to human unconsciousness, since it encourages the primary activity such as indiscriminate hunting , in order to market their meat and skins, which are appreciated for their value. exotic, through which it generates high mortality rates of the different species, causing a decline in their habitats.

Measures based on sustainability and conservation must be adopted, being the vital source of energy in our environment.

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