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Animals that look like other animals with examples

Animals that look alike

In the animal kingdom there are a large number of species, many of them are still waiting to be discovered. Due to the great variety, it is normal that some animals have similarities that can confuse us. Here are some examples of animals that look alike .

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Examples of animals that look alike

To simplify your search for animals that look alike, we have divided them into classes:

Mammals that look alike

    • Camel and dromedary: There are many who call dromedaries as camels, however, they must be differentiated correctly. Although both belong to the genus Camelus, they come from different parts of the world and have different characteristics. On the one hand, dromedaries are provided with a single hump and have great resistance to withstand high temperatures, such as those found in deserts , and come from the Arabian peninsula. In the case of camels, they have two humps, are better prepared to withstand low temperatures and are from Asia.
    • Leopards, jaguars and cheetahs: Another confusion that often exists between animals that look alike is between these three big cats. On the one hand, the cheetah can be more easily differentiated by having a stylized figure and having black polka dots that cover its body. As for the leopard and the jaguar , these can be a bit more difficult to tell apart. Jaguars are larger than leopards; the pattern of these tends to form rosettes, have specks inside and be larger, while that of leopards have more solid spots, being able to form rosettes also but smaller and together.

Reptiles and amphibians that look alike

  • Toads and frogs: Toads and frogs are also similar animals, but these amphibians are easily distinguishable by their physical characteristics. Toads tend to be larger than frogs, have rough skin and a thicker build, while frogs are smaller, more stylized, and have smooth skin . They also differ in that frogs have longer legs than toads.
  • Alligators and crocodiles: As for these two large lizards, although they belong to the same species (Crocodilia), they are in different families. On the one hand, alligators are in the Aligatoridae family, they are smaller and have a wider snout in which the lower teeth can hardly be seen; Crocodiles belong to the Crocodylidae family, they are larger than alligators and both the upper and lower teeth can be seen in their ‘v’ shaped snout.

Birds that look alike

  • Swallow and swift: Swifts are smaller in size than swifts, in addition, their plumage is distinguished by being of different shades, with red, light and dark feathers, while the swift has a totally dark plumage. Another of the characteristics that differentiate them is the tail, since the swift has shorter tail feathers, while those of the swallow are notably longer.
  • Owl and Barn Owl: Some people also mistake owls for owls, although they are easily differentiated. Owls have feathers above their eyes , which gives the appearance of having eyebrows, whereas owls do not. In addition, owls tend to have more expressive eyes, while those of owls are usually completely black and have a more rounded head and a characteristic heart-shaped face.

Other examples of animals that look alike

  • Alpacas, llamas, vicuñas and guanacos.
  • Seals and sea lions.
  • Chimpanzees and bonobos.
  • Coyotes and wolves.
  • Rabbits and hares.

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