Animals without tails list and examples

The existence of a tail in an animal fulfills the function of expression of emotions, as in a cat or a dog, or a means to move, as in the case of fish, the evolution of the species or certain genetic mutations determine the existence of tailless animals.

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List of animals that lack a tail

In a kangaroo, its robust and long tail serves to support its body when standing up and for a lion or a cow the tip of its hairier tail will serve to ward off insects , some animals are born without a tail or with a kind of very stump. small, who has not been amputated.

When a mammal does not need a tail to maintain balance, to climb trees or as a means of defense or camouflage in the face of danger, it has been dispensed with, such is the case of some large primates.

The display of a tail in a bird can mean courtship in some cases and in others, a show of aggressiveness if it feels threatened, we will give some examples of birds that lack a tail.

A tail for an insect can mean directing and planning its flight or a kind of rudder when changing places and it is really difficult for a fish to survive without a tail , since it exercises balance in its swimming and balance in its body, the The fish that we name has no tail, and when it moves through the water it replaces it with its dorsal fin.

Examples of tailless mammals

  1. Gorillas
  2. Chimpanzees
  3. Orangutans

Some are born without their tails due to a genetic point mutation , there are feline species that fall into this category:

  1. Manx cat
  2. Cat pixie bob
  3. Mekong Bobtail Cat
  4. Cymric cat
  5. Kurilean Bobtail Cat
  6. Japanese Bobtail Cat
  7. American Bobtail Cat

Some species of dogs that are born without a tail are:

  1. English Bobtail or English Shepherd
  2. Spanish water dog
  3. Croatian Shepherd
  4. Pyrenean French Pointer
  5. Boston Terrrier of the United States
  6. English bulldog
  7. Welsh Pembroke Corgi

An example of Rodents Without Tail:

  1. The Capibara or Chigüire

Examples of tailless birds

  1. Gallo Bolo
  2. Kiwi Bird
  3. Cassowary
  4. Chilean Partridge

Examples of tailless insects

  1. Spiders
  2. Beetles
  3. Ants
  4. Cicadas

Example of fish without a tail

  1. Mola Mola Fish or Moon Fish

Examples of tailless amphibians

  1. Toads
  2. Frogs

Example of tailless crustaceans

  1. Crab

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