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App Inventor

It is a software developer created by the Google Lab company in order to develop exclusive applications for the android operating system . Through this tool, the user who manages this tool can, through blocks and basic tools, create a certain application.

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This tool is free of charge and can be downloaded from the web without any inconvenience. This application creator tool is handled in a basic way, thus allowing easy handling and control of it. Its elements are basic but it covers a large number of basic needs in the world of applications .

Through this mechanism, what is sought is to obtain a large number of applications available on the Android system that are easily accessible to its users. This tool has two very important elements, namely:

    • Accessibility and simplicity: thus allowing the creation of new applications for users.
    • Google Play: the largest application center where anyone can freely upload and distribute their applications.


  • It is based on one of the JavaScrip tools in order to have a visual language, distributed under a free license.
  • The application language used is called Kawa which is distributed by the GNU operating system.
  • The development of applications with this tool is through blocks.
  • The implementation of the applications is in a short time and allows programming applications with a high level of complexity, in less time than with other methods.
  • Various applications with numerous functionalities are created thanks to its graphical interface.
  • It can be used by users who have basic programming knowledge .
  • Its functionality and handling make it practical and much more accessible.

That is why today many prefer to use this application when making applications due to the ease of use and the advantage it gives in terms of preparation time.

App Inventor samples

  1. Model 1
  2. Model 2
  3. Model 3
  4. Model 4
  5. Model 5

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