Apple ID examples

Apple ID

The Apple Id is the identifier that provides access to services such as iCloud, iChat , the online support service on the Apple website, as well as direct access for the purchase of applications or products in the App Store, iTunes, Apple Store Online and App Store.

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Basically the Apple ID , it is your username for everything you do with a device of this brand, for example, buy applications, buy music, manage your cloud storage and use the iMassage service, etc. Because the Apple ID is used for several things, it sometimes appears in various brands, among which are Apple, iCloud, iTunes Store and iChat accounts.

There is also the possibility of using it on Mac to buy applications from the Mac App to manage our iTunes . One of the main drawbacks that we can find when using different Apple IDs is that it is not possible to access certain contents that have been purchased (each account will allow access to what has been purchased with it), difficulties in using some services, etc. . Because of this, the company suggests using a single ID and most important of all: don’t forget what it is.

Steps to create a new Apple ID

Create an Apple ID and it is also completely free. To do this, the only step to follow is to enter the “My Apple ID” section of the company’s official website and answer the requested information.

In addition to the first and last name, the email will be requested, which will later be your Apple ID , password, postal address, date of birth and various security questions, as well as an email to recover the account in the event that any data is forgotten. It should be noted that for reasons of increasing this type of account, two-step verification has been included , something that its users appreciate.

In the event that you do not remember your ID, it is imperative that you follow a series of steps in order to retrieve it. The first step to follow will be to go to the “My Apple ID” section on the company’s website then click on the option “Find your Apple ID” . There you will have the possibility to enter the email you entered when creating the Apple ID , to which you will then receive an email or if you cannot answer the security questions in order to recover your account.

Use of Apple ID

One of the possibilities offered by Apple ID is that you can make purchases in the iTunes Store , but it is not only that, but it is also possible to save the products of your choice (music, applications, books or movies) or add everything what you want to buy in the shopping cart and then make a single purchase.

It is advisable to link a credit card to your ID to be able to buy, this method is totally reliable. On the other hand, you can also manage your iCloud, order books and photos from Aperture or iPhoto, receive technical assistance, register your products, use FaceTime and Message, the Game Center, etc.

Apple ID examples

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