Audit Methodology And Examples

We explain the audit methodology examples. Evaluate the performance of the administration, based on the administrative process, taking into account the objectives, hierarchical levels and human, material and technical resources.

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Audit Methodology And Examples

1.J. Rodríguez Valencia
Preliminary study: These are brief reviews, shallow interviews, etc., with the aim of forming a criterion about the field of work, having a first global idea and using it as a basis.
Planning the audit: It is integrating the elements. Understand the audit program to detail the steps to follow.
Investigation and examination: Through various means the auditor must ensure that correct and sufficient information is obtained.
Analysis and evaluation of the information obtained: Its purpose is to provide a synthesis.
Final report: Various elements must be taken into account. Who is going to read it? What will you have? How is it going to be structured?

2.William P. Leonard
Preliminary Study.
Audit program.
Analysis, interpretation and synthesis.
Preparation of the report.
Discussion with those directly affected.
Final report to management.
Systematic review.

3. Fernández Arenas
Administrative principles.
Hierarchical levels.
Basic functions.

4.Benjamin Franklin Ficowsky
Exam. Follow-up

5. Focus of factor analysis
It consists of examining and evaluating the factors that intervene and influence the administration of a social organism and that are:
Policy and direction.
Products and processes.
Means of production.
Work force.
Producing activity.
Accounting and statistics.

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