The axiología is a word derived from the Greek “Axio” which means “precious” and “logo” which means “study.” It is a branch of philosophy that studies the nature of values and value judgments that people make. This term is also used in Law and Pedagogy.

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It is known as the “philosophy of values” or “theory of values.” It takes into account the conceptual, material and moral to assign a value to things.

The concept began to be used from the 20th century, but many years before the values ​​were already being studied by philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Kant.


We must understand that each person has their own idea of ​​the value of everything around them. Based on their personality, culture and experiences, each individual will decide what value they place on things. So value is a personal decision.

Ethics together with aesthetics are also determining factors in value judgments. With the first we determine what is good or bad, right and wrong. With the second we highlight the beautiful from the unattractive.

The value we place on the things around us determine our behavior.

There are religious, ethical, cultural, family, social and other values.

Types of axiology

  • Philosophical . Evaluate which values ​​are subjective and which are objective.
  • Legal . It studies the legal values ​​and serves to create, approve, apply or repeal legal norms.
  • Education . In the pedagogical, ethical, social, cultural and aesthetic values ​​are evaluated, and how they are critical of them.

Examples of axiology

  • A horse from the Middle East has the same economic cost as a car, but for Juan the car is more valuable than the animal. While someone who is dedicated to the commercialization of these species does not think the same.
  • For some, being punctual is mandatory, for others it is not so important as long as you get to the place in question.
  • What is beautiful for one person may not be so beautiful for another.
  • Stealing out of necessity is an act rejected by many, but questionable by others.
  • Is it better to have a new house than a new car, being able to work at Uber to get a better house later?
  • People often classify others as good or bad, based on their experience with them.
  • A child must dedicate himself to the care of his parents or to have his own family
  • Decide what is better between, traveling with your husband to try to improve the relationship or go to therapy.

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