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What is a Barometer?

A barometer is defined as the object, artifact or instrument that is used in the area of ​​meteorology to evaluate and measure. This fulfills a function directed to the weather forecast, measures the pressure and precipitation from the atmosphere . In addition, it is known thus a measure or index averaged over a subject or particular phenomenon. The unit used in this artifact is known as hectopascal (hPa) or as Torricelli’s tube.

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In this sense, it is necessary to mention that the creator of this instrument was the Italian physicist and mathematician Torricelli. For the century XVII, developed the first version of the barometer , this, had a tube and inside was filled with mercury. It fulfilled its function when subjected to the pressure, given by the height and when the mercury rose, the measure was identified. With technological advances, the barometer evolved its system, currently it measures with more precision. This device has been designed to be calibrated based on sea level.

Parameter Types

  • Mercury barometer: This was the first barometer built, the elements that compose it are mercury and a glass tube. Its function is used when subjected to pressure. When the air is denser, it exerts force on the mercury, this causes the liquid in the tube to rise upwards . If, on the other hand, the pressure is low, the mercury drops.
  • De Fortín: It is known as the result of the modifications applied to the mercury thermometer. The latter did not have the ability to be transported, while the fort was structured responding to this need. It was characterized by its conical shape which served as a support, it surrounded the mercury barometer.
  • Aneroid Barometer: It is also known as a holosteric or metallic barometer. It is formed from a vacuum-packed box or capsule and is mercury-free. Its measurement system is not so precise, it occurs through the deformation that occurs in the structure due to pressure. In turn, these are marked by a needle.
  • Altimeter: It is used mainly for aviation, as its name indicates, it measures the height at which it is located with respect to sea level. This type marks the measurement in meters and feet.
  • From Goethe: Its structure is formed from a glass container with colored liquid, it does not include mercury. The pressure produces a reaction in the liquid that makes it rise or rise, it is not very precise.
  • Barograph: This works like the common barometer, the difference is that it works by recording the pressure level directly on paper.
  • Blood pressure monitor : It is used in the area of ​​medicine to measure blood pressure.

Barometer parts

    • Hygrometer: Its function is to measure the humidity found in the atmosphere.
    • Box Thermometer: It focuses on measuring and specifying the temperature of the environment in which it is located.
    • Convex Mirror: Joins the box thermometer to measure the temperature.
    • Command sphere and level: Its function is to mark and indicate at what level and degrees the pressure is.
    • Adjustment button: as the name implies, regulates and adjusts, in this case, the trackball and level.

Examples of Barometers

  • Metallic barometer.
  • Holosteric barometer.
  • The Aneroid Barometer.
  • Automotive barometer.
  • Barometer Altimeter.

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