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BC full form

What does BC mean?

BC full form points to Before Christ. it can be written as B.C. or BC. the BC is a designation used to label or number years.

BC full form


Other Similar Terms to OTT full form having different meanings:

BC Board Computer (Worldwide)
BC British Columbia (Canada)
BC British Council (United Kingdom)
BC Bullet Club (Worldwide)
BC Bakersfield College (United States)
BC Brunswick Corporation (United States)
BC Benedictine College (United States)
BC Baja California (Mexico)
BC Bergen Catholic (United States)
BC Bella Center (Denmark)

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is BC bad word?

it is said to be “bhenchod” which is used for bad and angry expressions having meanings of “sister fuck” to someone.

What is the full form of BC?

Before Christ.

What is the meaning of BC in chat?

it gives the meaning of “because” in chat and messaging.

What are the full forms of BC in Academic & Science?

the full forms of BC in Academic & Science are “Before Christ”.

Is 2020 AD or BC?

AD is always written before the year while others like BC, BCE, and CE are written after the year.

What is BC AD and CE?

BC stands for before Christ, CE for Common Era, and AD for anno Domini.

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