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Being a Dik APK Download v0.8.2 Latest Version for Android 2022

Being a Dik APK Download: Adult viewers will enjoy being a Dik MOD APK. Fans of the “18+” category appreciate 3DCG graphics, public cut-thin, event non-linearity, and personal involvement in plot formation. Due to the death of her mother, she moves to a dormitory at her parents’ house. As a result of the character’s unable to handle the widow’s father, he decides this is better. He was approached by a local brotherhood to stay close to the academic institution. What is the cause of the events that follow his life?

Being a Dik APK v0.8.2

What is Being a Dik APK Download Mod?

As a result of low-income families, adolescents from disadvantaged families enroll in college to study at Burgmeister & Royce. The new college experience exposes you to a whole new world of conflict, drinking, drugs, and sex when you enroll in your new brother, Iota Kappa Delta.

Being a Dik APK Download is a visual Nobel (VN) for adults that offers a variety of choices. In this game, you are an 18-year-old college student and your choices shape your character and adventure.

Which role do you choose?

Do you play a useful, adorable, romantic person, or a simple and naughty person? If you have different values ​​than her, you can attract the girl into the game.

You may feel like going to temptation, just …

give it a try, but can you refuse to get the mare of your dreams?

College is a good time! In addition to visual novels, you can play optional mini-games and navigate your current environment with free-roaming events. In addition to buying boosters and tokens, you can find hidden items such as unlocking naughty artwork and unlocking special naughty pieces.

Being a DIK APK for Android Gameplay

A teenager who grew up in a poor family is out of school at Burgmeister and Royce’s school, where he had a crush on his sad father for half a year.

He is thrown into a new world and persuaded to join the modern Iota Kappa Delta Brotherhood, where he is introduced to another world full of fighting, alcohol, medicine, and more. Enjoy new visual Renpy Sandbox CG 3D games with 3D animations.

Or romance and the act of work?

If so, you probably want to be at Being a Dik APK Download! If you’re on the other side, you’re a fan of games where your choices and actions lead to different results, rather than a game that focuses on which female character to follow and experience (visual after some missions). have a promise).

What is new?

  • Fixed an issue with purchases at the same time as incorrect shipping during Derek’s free ROM event in Episode 4.
  • Fixed an issue where intermittent conversations did not occur during a date while chatting with Josie in Episode 1.
  • Adjusted the number of problems.
  • Added two unused animations to the attached scene (Dutch, Episode 4).
  • Fixed an issue where Episode 4 failed the English test.
  • After winning the battle and not receiving the reward, the IM program will fix the poor recovery many times. Fixed an issue where the game would crash when commenting on save using special characters on the save/load screen.
  • There was a bug in the phone and it immediately seemed that the connection was wrong.
  • Fixed an issue with spelling hotfix animations in episode 3 and caused GPU spikes in the GPU subset.
  • Two new melodies have been added to the main menu music selection.
  • Fixed an issue where music would not play in one scene of Episode 4.
  • Small tennis match information has been added.

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